Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Emmettville Chapter 1:7


Natalie sat shivering at her desk. The furnace was broken; it was just 42 degrees in the office. Karen started early, and could have messaged her, but she didn’t. Chris got the memo. He was working from home today. Anna had clearly gotten the memo. She walked in dressed in her expensive snowmobile gear and looked like a commercial for Klim. Anna didn’t even have a snowmobile. She just had a boyfriend once who did.
“Oh my God, Natalie! Aren’t you freezing?” Anna exclaimed.
“Yeah… Pretty much.”
“Well why didn’t you dress warmer then? Didn’t you get the text from Karen?”
“Oh no…” Anna trailed off, then stood there for a moment twirling her hair. Realizing the conversation was now over, she retreated to her own desk.
Natalie would have run to the hardware store and bought a space heater if it were an option, but the old wiring in the building wouldn’t take it. Anytime they plugged in anything with a draw larger than that of a fan, the fuses blew. So she sat, and she suffered, but she tried not to let them see her shiver.
She didn’t get a lot of work done that day but felt oddly satisfied with that fact. They deserved no work from her if they could not even provide heat on a cold day. No heat, no work. She did get a lot of thinking time in though. Her mind wandered from topic to topic, but eventually it settled on one; was Kevin becoming more like her father? She hoped not.

(c) Rusty Henrichsen 2013 

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